Heating Repair in Long Island on The Cheap has Risks

Companies specializing in Heating repair on Long Island and a\c repair like this one, have got a bad rap of late because of a large number of corrupt operators who are scamming customers out of much more dollars than they needed to spend. So customers are wary of repair companies’ asking prices more than what the customer thinks is reasonable. But often a customer has no reasonable idea of how much air conditioning repair could cost.


You can’t just go with a low cost repairer because you think a more expensive is scamming you. The more expensive one might have very good reasons why they are more expensive. And the cheaper operator might have some very bad reasons why they are so cheap. We’ll have a look at some of these now:

  1. Lack insurance

There are unfortunately a large number of HVAC repairers in Suffolk County and Long Island that are uninsured. Because they are not paying insurance premiums they are passing on savings to you. However you are not protected if anything goes wrong, if your furniture or home is damaged as a result of their work. The worst possible outcome is if something happens to a member of your family because of shoddy work, again you would not be protected. Generally a repairer who is insured is more likely to play by the rules.

You should also be very wary of a low cost operator who is unlicensed. You may get the work done cheaply but have no level of industry standard. You should always ask a repairer to show you proof of their insurance and their practicing license.

  1. Lack expertise

The HVAC repairer may be perfectly honest, but just very green, and charging lower prices because he is just starting out. That is admirable, but do you really want him cutting his teeth on your very expensive air conditioning system? Repairers who charge more generally have many years of experience, qualifications and ongoing active learning. They have studied more systems and a more up to date on changes in the industry. You could be paying more for expertise and knowledge, and with that comes peace of mind.

Additionally a more experienced repairer will have a better knowledge of the exact system your home needs, and will deal in higher quality, more reputable brands. More expensive systems can be cheaper to run, less likely to break down, and covered by better warranties.

  1. Do they have all-inclusive maintenance plans (all parts and labor)

Bigger and more established repairers are able to offer you an all inclusive maintenance plan or program. In this service you get regular upkeep, to ensure your system is continually running safely, reliably and efficiently. You pay a monthly fee and get in return regular servicing and a number of incidental call outs. Generally you get problems diagnosed and fixed before any major damage is done. And remember that these systems include potentially fatal gases, water, electricity, and no end of intricate parts, so it can be a very good idea to have them serviced regularly. You can google top HVAC repairs or heating repairs Long Island to get ideas of you can offer you this level of service.

An ongoing service contract also means that it is in the repairer’s best interests to keep you happy. A low cost provider who is only offering a one off service does not have as much staked on individual customer satisfaction.



Another way you can be sure you know what you’re getting in HVAC repair is to go on recommendations. You can ask family and friends to tell you who they use and especially if they are happy. You can see reviews online about many businesses as well. It can really pay to do a bit of prior research here.

Paying more now for good service will save you in the long run. Your system will run more efficiently which will save you money off your energy bills. Your home and assets are protected, the air your precious family breathes is pure, and there can be stress removed from your mind. It can be tempting to go with a cheaper operator, but you do so at your own risk.