Hiring an Honest Tree Service Company in Avon Park, Florida

Working on a tree at a height is one of the most daunting tasks for a common homeowner. It is difficult and risky for someone not used to swinging equipment at heights. It becomes even more difficult trying to remove a tree stump from the ground. Asking an expert in a tree service in Avon Park, Florida, says if you can’t work on a tree with your feet on the ground, better call a tree service. How do you go about hiring an honest tree service?



What are the credentials of the tree service? The service should at least have a certified arborist. This is a specialist in tree planting, care, and maintenance. In Florida, arborists are certified by the Florida chapter of the International Society of arborists.

Ask for registration from the state’s relevant departments. This gives you recourse if the contract does not work out.


Working on a tree is risky to the person working on it as well as other people and property nearby. The tree could fall and cause damage and injuries. Make sure the tree service is insured for property damage and injuries.

Equipment and crew

Does the tree service have adequate equipment and crew? A stump grinding Sebring Florida expert says that tree service should have equipment including chainsaws, axes, and grinders. There should be a crew who look and act competently. The absence of any of these two components should raise a red flag.

The tree service should also show possession of safety equipment. The safety of the crew on your property avoids the risk of time-wasting litigation in case anything happens.

References and reputation

Does the tree service have any references on past work done? If there are references, make sure to make a call. If the reference can allow you to see how the work was done check the quality of workmanship.

Ask around for the reputation of the tree service. Check the Better Business Bureau website for any complaints against the tree service.


The best way to get a fair price is to look for three price quotes. Each stump removal Avon park service price quote should show the details of every cost component. Compare the price quotes based on the value for money and not necessarily the cheapest quote.

If the tree service is to charge extra for disposal, transportation or paperwork it should be shown in the quote. Consider the quote that offers to do extra for no added cost.